• nevers.

    Produced as a senior thesis project at Cornish College of The Arts.

    Starring Amy Mayes, Keenan Ward, and Eleana Woods.
    Directed by Marquicia Domingue and Thom Morgan
    Written by Amy Mayes and Thom Morgan

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  • the music box

    Written and produced in 48 hours as an entry to 48GFC.com's 2012 Guerrilla Film Challenge.

    Starring: Amy Mayes and André Blackburn Nelson
    Directed by: Marquicia Domingue and Thom Morgan
    Written by: Kellen Lynch, Amy Mayes, Thom Morgan, and André Blackburn Nelson

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  • bukowski, bukowski, whatever.

    Created for the Capitol Hill Block Party's "Totally Stacked" film contest.

    Music courtesy of Yuni In Taxco
    Starring: Sam Burris, Mark Haan, Amy Mayes, Pilar O'Connell, and Sara Peterson.
    Directed by: Madison Mabbott and Thom Morgan
    Written by: Madison Mabbott

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